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5 Ways 2 Die
Directed by Daina Papadaki
Makis explores different ways of death, struggling to achieve the most ideal result.

Summer of Love
Directed by Marcin Filipowicz
A boy rents a wooden cabin in the mountains for his beautiful girlfriend and it becomes a place of her "summer of love".

Chamber of Thin Skin
Collaboration of Filmmakers
Directed and edited by two students (dance and design) the film tells the story of a girl searching for the meaning of a mysterious chamber - an imaginative view on dance, ambition and admiration.

Directed by Kyle Eaton
Friends bounce from place to place in this off-beat comedy.

The Paper Anniversary
Directed by Francisco Antunez
A woman's growing fear of her partner leaves her emotionally paralyzed in this thriller with a twist.

Directed by Piotr Ziotorwicz
Their relationship is strained by the persistence of a boy's father to have him follow in the family's tradition...to become a butcher.

The Hero of Ireland
Directed by Paul O'Halloran
A bullied boy learns lessons in manhood and violence from his war-veteran father.

Triangles of Happiness
Directed by Jannik Dahl Pedersen
A woman's false identity is threatened when debt collectors come calling.

When The Pile Is Crooked
Directed by Shaneika Johnson-Simms
an overworked mother who has a distant husband, autistic son and neglected teenage daughter.

Driving Without A License
Directed by Natalia Pinto
The music festival 'Primavera Sound' in Spain gets a very unique documentary about the artists and organziers involved.

Directed by Daniel Russell
A man suffering from recurring nightmares reaches out to a friend for help. He believes that he's being haunted. However, his faltering grip on reality has left him open to an attack. Someone wants what he has.

Directed by Mark Gerstorfer
ANDREAS loves filming anything that will come in front of his camera lens. He especially takes joy in shooting videos, in which he and his friends CLEMENS and DINA pretend to kill themselves.

Black Valentine
Directed by Geroni J. Saint-Hilaire
Dealing with a mental illness, Rose Marie has been institutionalized in a care facility for two years. After being released by her Doctor (Martin Pfefferkorn). Her memories from the past start to return and reshape her life, blurring the line between reality and fiction.

Directed by Pardis Zalmay
A man awakens to find that he is not alone in this claustrophobic thriller. You follow him as he scrambles to deal with the malevolent intruder.

It's Drizzling
Directed by Lien Chien Hung
Youth is just like a drizzle. When you look back on those days, there was nothing but some ambiguous puzzles..

Directed by Tajinder Singh Hayer
Filmed off the coast of the United Kingdom and the Cook Islands, this film tells the tale of a couple who live in solitude until a stranger arrives.

Straight To Video
Directed by Elizabeth Vasquez
Unable to sleep, a young woman is visited by two strangers that may or may not be real.

Earth 2084
Directed by Nuno Sa Passoa
A radio broadcast tells the story of the future we have yet to live.

Directed by Ai Jihang
A girl gets lost in the woods and makes an unexpected friend.




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